Spaceships, Monsters, and Cardboard

This has been a really productive week filming "The Spaceman". I spent a lot of my time putting the finishing touches on the spaceship miniature using cardboard, model car pieces, cut up photographs of cardboard, and 3D printed pieces as well. I then animated the spaceship with lights flickering and movement against a green screen using Dragonframe stop motion software and a drum cymbal stand as a rig (these really come in handy). 

Josh Funk - cardboard spaceship .JPG

Using a GoPro camera and a handmade vortex tunnel out of foam core, black sheets, and fishing wire, I created the effect of flying through a space vortex. This was then composited with my stop-motion spaceship footage. I manipulated additional movement of the ship in After Effects in order to make it even more convincing.

I also began animating the monster puppet that will fight with Jordan Funk later in the film. It took some practice before I got an idea for the character but I finally found a feel and rhythm to his personality. Animating his eyeballs is my favorite part so far. 

DAY 8: "The Spaceman"

Here is a test video of my miniature spaceship corridor. I am using it for my short film "The Spaceman". I will be mixing live action, stop-motion, animatronics and practical fx. The entire miniature is made from foam core, printed photographs, model fire engine parts, and tin foil. It took about 8 hours to build. It will later be filmed with a much nicer camera. This was just a lighting test. 


DAY 6: "The Spaceman"

I am 99% done with the spaceship cockpit for this months shoot. Tonight I did my final lighting tests and everything is exceeding my expectations. I couldn't have done this without the help of Jay Darden, Dan Reinhard, Jordan Funk and the scraps of old displays from a corporate retailer that will remain nameless for now ( You know who you are). 

I also spent a lot of time this week watching some amazing sci-fi movies and behind the scenes documentaries that have already inspired me to finish a couple difficult transitions I couldn't quite figure out. I intend to use as many practical FX in this movie as possible and can't wait to start filming again. 

Check out these lighting test shots: