OUT OF THE WOODS… Into Bazookas!

The Spaceman finally has a beginning, middle, and end filmed but there is still a lot of animation to go.

Jordan Funk - The Spaceman

On October 4th we filmed the last shots of Jordan in Forest Ranch, CA including some truly awesome looking shots with a cardboard bazooka. I’m excited to say that he only has one-day left of filming and it’s with green screen and animatronic tentacles. Jordan will finally be able to shave that beard that’s been itchy… It’ll be my Christmas present to him.  


stop-motion puppet monster

I commissioned puppet maker Richard Whillock to create a second, angrier version of the alien monster for the second half of the fight scene and he did not disappoint. I am blown away by his ability to take my ideas and elevate them. 


I built and filmed a miniature launch bay out of some unusually cool pieces of cardboard I found. It’s a quick shot, but an important one.


I created sound design for the beginning of the movie and started toying with ideas on the piano for the score.


I put together some shots of the spaceship landing and Jordan walking out of the ship. I feel like this added a TON to the story and made everything much more believable… as far as cardboard spaceship movies go.


The best part about being a big brother is torturing your younger brother. I made Jordan pose for some stop-motion animation shots. He says this was worse than having to fall on pinecones in Forest Ranch. You’re welcome Jordan… you’re welcome.

Coming up Next:

- Filming the Animatronic Tentacle

- Animating with the puppets in the miniature forest set

- Green Screen jumping and punching in slow motion

- Animating Cardboard Suit

- Filming backgrounds in Forest Ranch for composites

Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/joshf...

Spaceships, Monsters, and Cardboard

This has been a really productive week filming "The Spaceman". I spent a lot of my time putting the finishing touches on the spaceship miniature using cardboard, model car pieces, cut up photographs of cardboard, and 3D printed pieces as well. I then animated the spaceship with lights flickering and movement against a green screen using Dragonframe stop motion software and a drum cymbal stand as a rig (these really come in handy). 

Josh Funk - cardboard spaceship .JPG

Using a GoPro camera and a handmade vortex tunnel out of foam core, black sheets, and fishing wire, I created the effect of flying through a space vortex. This was then composited with my stop-motion spaceship footage. I manipulated additional movement of the ship in After Effects in order to make it even more convincing.

I also began animating the monster puppet that will fight with Jordan Funk later in the film. It took some practice before I got an idea for the character but I finally found a feel and rhythm to his personality. Animating his eyeballs is my favorite part so far. 

Forest Monster Illustration

I get a lot of questions about my process for illustration. I prefer to draw everything out on paper first in either colored pencil, graphite, or ballpoint pen. I then scan it into my computer and enhance shadows, colors, and highlights. Here is an example of an illustration I just finished:

Forest Monster final illustration.

Forest Monster final illustration.

Forest Monster original sketch. Colored Pencil.

Forest Monster original sketch. Colored Pencil.

DAY 3: "The Spaceman"

I just received the first look at the alien monster puppet being built for "The Spaceman" by the amazing artist Richard Whillock  based on my concept illustration as seen below. I've also included two stills from the second day of production. More details are coming soon. Enjoy!

The alien monster puppet being built by Richard Whillock based on my concept drawings.

The alien monster puppet being built by Richard Whillock based on my concept drawings.

Concept artwork for the alien monster.

Concept artwork for the alien monster.

Movie Still for "The Spaceman"

Movie Still for "The Spaceman"

Movie Still of Jordan Funk in "The Spaceman"

Movie Still of Jordan Funk in "The Spaceman"