Spaceships, Monsters, and Cardboard

This has been a really productive week filming "The Spaceman". I spent a lot of my time putting the finishing touches on the spaceship miniature using cardboard, model car pieces, cut up photographs of cardboard, and 3D printed pieces as well. I then animated the spaceship with lights flickering and movement against a green screen using Dragonframe stop motion software and a drum cymbal stand as a rig (these really come in handy). 

Josh Funk - cardboard spaceship .JPG

Using a GoPro camera and a handmade vortex tunnel out of foam core, black sheets, and fishing wire, I created the effect of flying through a space vortex. This was then composited with my stop-motion spaceship footage. I manipulated additional movement of the ship in After Effects in order to make it even more convincing.

I also began animating the monster puppet that will fight with Jordan Funk later in the film. It took some practice before I got an idea for the character but I finally found a feel and rhythm to his personality. Animating his eyeballs is my favorite part so far. 

Dragonframe Review of "Wormholes"

Cinematic smorgasbord! Multi talented artist Josh Funk spent a year putting together this almost painfully fun and quite beautiful film. It is a very impressive first-time run at animation. If Tim Burton, Mr. Bill, David Lynch, Freddy Mercury and the Phantom of the Opera all got together…. this would be their love child. Read on to hear from Josh about the production.
“Wormholes started out as an experiment in Stop Motion and storytelling. I had always wanted to create a stop motion film but never knew how to start. I stumbled upon Dragonframe software, saw the online videos and realized all my crazy visions could actually come to life with Dragonframe. If you watch Wormholes you will see that the animation gets better as I go along because I was animating each shot in chronological order as I learned how to animate. It took me about a year to complete and I would only come up with two scenes at a time; the scene I was animating and the scene it would run into. I used a Nikon D5100, a tripod, borrowed a dolly from a friend, and spent a lot of money on discounted Halloween and party lights. For certain shots I even put my camera on a skateboard and slowly moved it along.”
-Josh Funk


Wormholes Behind the Scenes

This is a behind the scenes shot from the middle section of “Wormholes” where the main character wakes up in the stomach of the worm that swallowed him only to find a circus tent/disco looking environment. In this scene he is trying to escape through a door from the rope lights that come to life and attack him. I used dragonframe software and used these plain white tables purchased at IKEA that worked really well for reflections. I later added fire to the door in Motion. Party lights were used and adjusted during each frame to keep the environment alive. This was a fun way to work because in 2 days I was able to capture multiple shots by slightly adjusting the camera angles, lights, and backdrops.