DAY 11: "The Spaceman"

This week has been a slow crawl but we are making progress. Below you will see the spaceship miniature we are using for exterior shots. I still have to attach photorealistic cardboard textures to the scale of the ship. Today I added internal LED lights and have worked out how I will rig it while filming against green screen.


Below is the animatronic tentacle we are building to match the stop-motion puppet. It is still in the testing phases and when finished will be twice the length. We will wrap it with a black and white striped skin and pull it with levers off camera as it attacks Jordan. This is a crucial element in bridging the live-action and stop-motion elements. Four cables will be used to pull the tentacle in all directions.


We also just started figuring out a series of complicated stop-motion shots that involve flying through a vortex. We intend to use a black light and layering digital FX on top. This will also be a composite shot where you will see the spaceship flying inside with Jordan.