Fairy Tale Door for Fantasy Film

Fairy Tale Door - Devon Blenkush + Josh Funk

One of the best parts of filmmaking is the opportunity to collaborate with talented people in order to bring your vision to life. I'd like to take the opportunity to highlight the talented skills of Devon Blenkush, who took my simple instructions (which I can't say yet due to spoilers) and exceeded my expectations. 

Here are photos of the small fairy tale door he created for my new film 3 Keys


I met Devon when I was around 19 years old when we both worked at Kmart. Years later we bumped into each other and had a great talk about the things we were passionate about. In all the years I had worked with him I didn't know he had this secret passion for woodworking and especially had no idea how gifted he was at it. I'm so pleased to add and celebrate his creativity in my new film. 

I'll add more photos as soon as we start filming with the door. Keep checking back for updates.