I am in my seventh month of making a living in the Arts.  The purpose of this blog is to keep myself motivated, on track and to provide knowledge for those looking to make a similar decision.

Josh Funk Filmmaker Award Winner


I’m finally feeling the momentum of all my hard work and promotion and its fun, exhilarating, and exhausting. I scaled back on my graphic design jobs and focused on getting my name out as a freelance stop-motion animator and filmmaker. I won my second film competition award in The IndieFest Film Competition and was accepted into a big sci-fi/fantasy/horror festival in Salt Lake City called FilmQuest happening the week of June 18th (more on that next month).


May was also significant because it was the first month I matched my income from my previous retail job.  One of the biggest hurdles with leaving that day job was the comfortable paycheck and I know it will be a while before this is a common occurrence but it was so cool to get there so soon.


Probably the biggest event in May was being awarded the Art at the Matador scholarship room in Chico, CA. This is an event that happens every summer in a Chico motel. The scholarship gave me my own room to set up puppets, props, and sets, sell merchandise, and talk to the hundreds of guests that strolled through. Along with the room came the opportunity to promote my work through a radio interview, TV appearance, and newspaper article.

I sold DVDs & t-shirts, gave out postcards with my animation services, and got over 50 people to signup for my mailing list. I talked to four different guests about potential commercial and music video work, as well as two teachers who want me to talk to their students. One of the best parts of the two day event was teaching kids how to animate at the animation station I created using a metal armature and dragonframe software. A week after the event there was a positive review of my DVD in our local Chico Enterprise Record. I’m so thankful for all the great people I met and hope to do something like this again soon.


Wormholes Behind the Scenes

This is a behind the scenes shot from the middle section of “Wormholes” where the main character wakes up in the stomach of the worm that swallowed him only to find a circus tent/disco looking environment. In this scene he is trying to escape through a door from the rope lights that come to life and attack him. I used dragonframe software and used these plain white tables purchased at IKEA that worked really well for reflections. I later added fire to the door in Motion. Party lights were used and adjusted during each frame to keep the environment alive. This was a fun way to work because in 2 days I was able to capture multiple shots by slightly adjusting the camera angles, lights, and backdrops.