"Everything In Temporary" Album Cover

This is the album artwork I created for my album, “Everything In Temporary.”



Overall- the illustrated imagery relates to pieces within the songs on the album.  The man is sitting in a boat with a map texture behind him because he is on a journey.  “Everything In Temporary” is about a man who is dealing with lost love while he is trapped in a coma. Every song is either an altered memory of moments with his love, or imagined dream-sequences while trying to find her. I like the idea of someone with wings that isn’t using them as if he has lost his ability to remember how to fly.  In one of the songs, “The Stars” the main character imagines he can fly and takes off in his dream.  In “The Sea” a man walks into the ocean to let the waves take him under. The solemn expression on his face sets the tone for this album.

The man in the boat was illustrated using ballpoint pen (for some reason, my favorite choice for illustration) and the boat was created in photoshop.  The waves were created using different Photoshop brushes with a few variations in color. The opacity levels in the foreground were dropped down to 50-75%.

I found a book of sample wallpaper textures from 20 years ago and scanned in the beige, striped pattern.  Directly behind him was a scanned piece of thick paper I drug through the ground, crumpled, and folded up, and spilt coffee onto in order to create a treasure map-like texture.  Old blueprints from a stock photo were layered over both the wings and the upper right hand corner.