Synthesis - August, 2004

Josh Funk has been slipping through the cracks of Chico's music scene for the past nine years and considering all of this, his list of accomplishments is amazing. He has performed in such bands as Farewell Letter, Spencer and Isabell, won numerous songwriting and talent contests, and at this point has had his voice heard on most regional and college radio stations.

In late December of 2003 and on a shoestring budget, Funk set out to record a new EP entitled A Jukebox Envy on which he produced and played all of the instruments minus drum tracks provided by friends. Influences like Weezer and Elliot Smith seeped through the music, and Josh opened his soul through lyrics of both skepticism and heartache.

"My Songs are about relationships and dreams, falling in love and falling apart. On my upcoming album the song 'Implode' is about awkward silences between two people, 'Every Five Minutes' is about the girl I was in love with and how when I finally got her, we weren't what we thought we'd be. As for the rest, they deal with everything between bliss and disaster...my life as I've known it so far."