Using practical methods such as stop-motion animation, puppets, props and elaborate sets, I strive for stunning and memorable images in all of my work. In 2013 my short animated film Wormholes played in multiple film festivals around the world including Animated Eden in Cumbria, England. My latest film, The Spaceman  has won numerous awards including the Award of Excellence from the international BestShorts competition and Best of Festival from The Sundial Film Festival. 


specialize in dark and quirky creations that emphasize fantasy and imagination. Mixing graphite, colored pencil, and digital mediums together, my subject matter is strongly based on character design, pop culture, animals, and other worldly creatures. In 2009 I created an instructional Magic Graphic Novel Sinful : A Graphic Novel for Wayne Houchin (Discovery Channel Host of "Breaking Magic") and am currently in the works on a monster related book.


With over 10 albums released, both as a solo artist and with the band Farewell Letter,  I have been writing and producing music for more than 20 years. My original song "So Glad You Could Make It" was a Finalist in the "Rock Alternative" category in the 2007 Unisong International Songwriting Contest, and in 2006 was featured on the Swinghouse Records Compilation for up & coming alternative artists. In recent years I have shifted my love of music towards composing for film.