With an affinity for practical visual effects and puppetry, Josh Funk's films and animations fuse digital techniques with an energetic and nostalgic aesthetic. His short films have screened in festivals around the world, won numerous awards including Best of Festival at The Sundial Film Festival, and been featured in Videomaker Magazine. His latest fantasy/horror film 3 Keys was just nominated for Best Fantasy Short Film and Best Art Direction - Short at the 2018 FilmQuest Festival.


Funk creates dark and quirky depictions of monsters, creatures, and celebrities, through a combination of collage, colored pencil, and digital illustration. His work has been featured in the children's book and video game Monsters Project, and the 2009 instructional magic book Sinful : A Graphic Novel for Wayne Houchin (Discovery Channel Host of "Breaking Magic").


Funk has been writing and producing music for more than 20 years, both as a solo artist, and with the band Farewell Letter. His song "So Glad You Could Make It" was a finalist in the "Rock Alternative" category of the 2007 Unisong International Songwriting Contest, and in 2006 was featured on Swinghouse Record's compilation for up & coming alternative artists. In recent years Funk has shifted his love of music towards composing for film.