SEVERANCE PACKAGE : "Scissors Gonna Cut Ya" Music video [2017]

Client: Severance Package (2017)

This paper stop-motion animated music video was created for the band Severance Package and their song "Scissors Gonna Cut Ya". It was created by filming the band and dancers, printing at 12 fps, cutting them out and compositing in the computer. Additional stop-motion animation of my hand, scissors, and scraps of paper were used, along with paper sets and a 3D printed retro TV.

KZFR : Commercials and KZFR Zombies Video Game [2017]

Client: 90.1 FM KZFR (2017)

This was a collaboration with game designer Dana Hocking. I Illustrated the backgrounds of many locations in Chico, CA for three commercials and a video game called KZFR ZOMBIES available for free for Apple and Android devices. In the game you must save Chico, CA from the zombie apocolypse by blasting great radio at KZFR. 

MICHELIN EMBERS : "Diggin' On" Music video [2015]

Client: Michelin Embers (2015)

This stop-motion animated music video was created for the band Michelin Embers and their song "Diggin' On". It was created using 3D printed parts, found objects, cardboard, clay, and digital effects. 


Client: Lunch Specials Web Series (2016)

This stop-motion chalk board animation was created for the comedy web series "Lunch Specials." 


Client: Wretched Productions  (2016)

These stop-motion visual effects were created for the feature film Dolly Deadly (Troma /Legless Corpse Films) using thrift store doll parts, fake blood, guts, and torsos. Dolly Deadly is available to watch on amazon and Troma Now.