The Spaceman DVD
The Spaceman DVD

A man builds a cardboard spaceship and ventures to an alien planet to dispose of a mysterious object. This black and white sci-fi adventure uses practical effects, puppets, and miniatures.

Also includes:

- 19 minute making of "The Spaceman"

-Plus the short animated film "Wormholes."

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Sinful - Wayne Houchin - by Josh Funk

"Sinful: A Graphic Novel"

An instructional graphic novel from magician Wayne Houchin (Discovery Channel's "Breaking Magic") and artist Josh Funk. Sinful: A Graphic Novel is a striking new vision of Houchin's celebrated Quarter Through Soda Can.

Set in a fictional nightclub called Hendricks, the novel opens with a stylized re-imagining of a live performance and then allows the reader the opportunity to learn the full routine from Houchin's personal notebook. 

Sinful: A Graphic Novel is for the magician interested in learning a truly powerful piece of organic magic and for the artist interested in the process of creating.


Discover the world of Monsters. It is the world we hide from our children. But they know it's there... Monsters, written by Dana Hocking and illustrated by Josh Funk, is a rare peek into a different world. You are free to explore this strange new place, but do so carefully. Once you know, you can't unknow. Creatures fill the mind here and it becomes easy to get lost, but the adventure continues. The surroundings get stranger. Oddities abound. Until finally, it gives itself away at the last moment.