Straight Jacket [2018]

TOY BOX [2017]

A collaboration between my two year old son and I. His decisions during filming determined how I would animate and develop the story. This was created using stop-motion animation and some old, broken, action figures from my childhood.


The Official trailer for the upcoming fantasy/horror short film "3 Keys" by Director Josh Funk. Starring Brigette Funk & Robert Donnelly.



A man builds a cardboard spaceship and travels to an alien planet to dispose of a mysterious object. This Sci-Fi short film was created with stop-motion, puppets, animatronics, and miniatures.

Wormholes [2013]

A Stop Motion animated short film about a man being chased by giant worm creatures through different dimensions and locations. Created over the span of one year using puppets, and miniature sets.

Want to see how I built these sets, puppets, and miniatures? Click Here